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Mikaila Alaikim

imageMikaila was born in the beautiful City of Flowers called Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname which is in South-America. Suriname is a multicultural country whereby people all over the world become one to speak one language: Sranang Tongo. As a young child she moved with her family to the Netherlands in Europe. She visited the biggest church in Amsterdam and at the age of fifteen she began to sing in the church choir. From there she started singing background for different bands and doing auditions for musicals such as the “Lion King”. The training in the “Lion King” was very influential, which inspired her to develop her skills in singing and acting. She continued in theatrical training, but quickly discovered that singing was her passion. Through singing, God spoke to Mikaila letting her know He was going to use her voice for nations. That was the moment God Almighty closed the door for Mikaila not to sing for the world. The more Mikaila fought against God’s will for her, the more she realized God had a calling upon her life and there was no way out but to know Him at another level.

God blessed Mikaila with a warm, beautiful voice. As a prophetic singer, healing and deliverance flows. She is also a song writer, a preacher, and TV host. Mikaila has sung with many different artists and groups such as William Myles & YPOP, Michelle David, Orville Breeveld, Ebby Drenthe, Sherwin Gardner, Joann Telesford, Leona Philippo, and Elvis Ediagbaya. She has also ministered to woman in Europe and has traveled to conferences in theUS,South Africa, and other countries. Her first album is due to be released in the spring of 2012.

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